BioShield® 75 Swine Flu Efficacy

BioShield® 75 Swine Flu Efficacy

To: Dr. William Esposito
Ambient Group, Inc.
October 19, 2009

From: Tom Davis - Technical Director
Dr. Babu Patel, Ph.D.
Ed Kennedy, Director of Sales

Re: BioShield 75 Swine Flu Efficacy, etc

Dr. Esposito,

The mechanical efficacy of this molecule has been successfully displayed over a 30 year period. The molecule of BioShield 75 and ProShield 5000D works by forming a permanent microbiostatic film on a substrate and then creates a bed of microscopic spikes that pierce the cell membrane of microbes that come into contact with a treated surface. The molecule then releases an electrical charge that electrocutes positive and negative charged microbes. This "twin effect" prevents these microbes from further growth or reproduction, without creating "superbugs".

The CDC has recently stated that antimicrobials that have been shown to be effective against viruses like Influenza A. The CDC further stated that antimicrobials that are effective against Influenza A will be effective against the H1N1 virus.

In as much as the H1N1 virus is a subtype of Influenza virus A and is structurally similar, it is our considered opinion that BioShield 75 and ProShield 5000D will be very effective in limiting the growth of the microbes that carry H1N1.

BioShield 75 is effective in stopping the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi. The molecule in BioShield 75 has been tested effectively against many viruses. While BioShield 75 is effective against most viruses, it is not effective against Norovirus and the canine parvovirus because of their unique molecular construction. They do not have the typical protein coat or fatty envelope typically associated with most viruses and that are easily punctured by BioShield 75's microscopic spikes.

Once BioShield 75 has been allowed to dry on a given surface (usually three to five minutes) it will remain on the surface for an extended period of time. We recommend replacing it every 90 days on touch points that are cleaned daily. Normal cleaning products do not affect BioShield 75; it can only be broken down by abrasion. We assume some abrasion will take place from normal daily cleaning.

BioShield 75 can be purchased from CFA Coatings for America at 1-800-631-7232.


Tom Davis
Dr. Babu Patel
Ed Kennedy