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Organosilane quaternary amine

BioShield75® is a stable aqueous solution of a patented technology which produces a durable microbiostatic coating on a broad range of textiles and many other surfaces.

The chemistry of this molecule is unique. A conventional quaternary ammonium salt (organo) is chemically spliced to a silane molecule, resulting in a highly active molecule (3-trimethoxsilylpropyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride) that has both tenacious bonding capabilities as well as excellent antimicrobial properties. Once applied to a target surface, it initially bonds to the surface on a all available receptor sites (principally H+).

Afterward, stable bonds between remaining OH- sites on the molecule and the positive charge on the nitrogen atoms (N+) form, resulting in the creation of a large co-polymer involving the target and the molecule. Since there is no unfixed organosilane once the water evaporates, there is no dislodgeable residue and no odor, leaching, off-gassing, migration or diffusion of the molecule.

All other conventional legal antimicrobials including quats, bleach, peroxides, phenols, triclosan, formaldehydes, paint formulations, etc., work on the basis of diffusion away from the treated surface. This promotes microbial adaptation, loss of effectiveness, and leaching of poisons into the environment.

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