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Success Stories

University of North Carolina Football

"The Bioshield 75 application that you applied in the locker room, player's weight room and the sports medicine facility was very effective. We have not had any indication of problems of Staph, or MRSA with any athletes that use the facilities..."
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Northern Hospital of Surry County

"...We thoroughly cleaned some of these areas and coated with the BioShield 75. It has been three (3) months since the product was used. As of today, NO MOLD OR MILDEW has returned..."
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NAPA Filters Adds BioShield 75 To Cabin Filters for Increased Protection

"...Our filters are very efficient at cleaning cabin air...With the addition of BioShield 75, they are now able to virtually eliminate the odors, mold, and mildew that collect on all filters over time. This means a cleaner, healthier ride for the drivers and passengers..."
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Village Care Housekeeping

"...I have used your product, BioShield for the past 9 months and I continue to be amazed with the results..."
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Alamance Regional Medical Center

"...By reducing the organisms patients come in contact with, we have created a healthier and safer environment..."
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USA Wrestling

"...I would encourage any wrestling program to look into utilizing BioShield 75 to protect its wrestlers so that they can stay on the mats without the fear of nasty skin outbreaks..."
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